Job Title Location Job Type Date Posted
Buyer 2022-012-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract to Direct 01/25/2022
Application Support Engineer I/II 2021-457-HASLLC-CF Piketon, OH Temp/Contract 01/25/2022
QA Engineer I/II 2022-059-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 01/25/2022
Associate Administrative Assistant (Assoc.-1) 2022-055-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/25/2022
Sr. Administrative Assistant (Assoc.-2) 2022-056-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/25/2022
Senior Training Specialist/Site E&I Maintenance 2022-015-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/25/2022
Sr. Electrical Construction Engineer 2022-054-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/24/2022
3D PDS Plant Designer (TSS-4) 2022-052-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/24/2022
Office Surveyor (TSS-3) 2022-051-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/24/2022
Acceptable Knowledge Expert I 2022-050-HAINC-CF Idaho Falls, ID Temp/Contract 01/20/2022
Metrology Specialist (TSS-3) 2022-049-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/20/2022
Survey Crew Chief (TSS-1) 2022-048-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/20/2022
Labor Relations (LR) Generalist I/II 2022-047-HASLLC-CF Piketon, OH Temp/Contract 01/20/2022
Sr. Construction Piping Engineer 2022-045-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/19/2022
Sr. Design Specialist - 3D PDS Plant Designer 2022-044-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/19/2022
Staff Administrator ( Associate Buyer) 2022-042-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/19/2022
Procurement Engineer (TSS-2) 2022-010-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/19/2022
Event/Causal Analyst 2022-041-HAINC-CI Carlsbad, NM Temp/Contract 01/19/2022
NSSS Piping Engineer 4 (Design & Stress Analysis) 2022-035-HAINC-CF Corvallis, OR Temp/Contract 01/17/2022
Sr. Electrical Engineer 2022-033-HAINC-BD Idaho Falls, ID Temp/Contract 01/14/2022
3D Designer 2021-538-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/14/2022
Engineers 2022-031-HAINC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 01/13/2022
P6 Scheduler 2022-030-HSPS-CI Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 01/13/2022
Mechanical/Process Engineer 2022-026-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract to Direct 01/13/2022
Standards and Program Assessment (Metrologist) 2022-023-HAINC-CF Livermore, CA Temp/Contract 01/13/2022
Senior Structural Engineer 2022-019-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 01/11/2022
Linac Facility Engineer 2022-016-HAINC-CI/CF Lemont, IL Temp/Contract 01/11/2022
Nuclear Technical Support 2022-001-HAINC-BD United States Temp/Contract 01/01/2022
Analytical Methods Technology (AMT) Engineer 2021-612-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 12/28/2021
Mechanical Engineer (Systems Analysis FIV) 2021-595-HAINC-CF Corvallis, OR Temp/Contract 12/15/2021
PM/Construction Manager (2021-579-HAINC-BD) Denver Federal Center Temp/Contract 12/09/2021
Sr. Software/Hardware Engineer 2021-548f-HANIC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 11/30/2021
IT Desktop Support Specialist 2021-548c-HAINC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 11/30/2021
Cold Fusion Software Developer 2021-548b-HAINC-CF remote Temp/Contract 11/30/2021
Oracle Applications DBA 2021-548a-HAINC-CF Temp/Contract 11/30/2021
Fire Protection Engineers 2021-547-HAINC-CI Richland, WA Temp/Contract 11/24/2021
Plant Integration Engineer 2021-460-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 10/22/2021
Sr. Plant I&C Engineer 2021-458-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 10/22/2021
Senior Licensing Engineer 2021-450-HAINC-CF Remote/Canada Temp/Contract 10/20/2021
Construction Supervisor I 2021-418-HASLLC-CF Piketon, OH Temp/Contract 10/05/2021
Nuclear Safety Analysts 2021-416-HASLLC-CI Piketon, OH Temp/Contract 10/05/2021
Planner/Scheduler (Level III) 2021-345-HAINC-CF Richland, WA Temp/Contract 08/31/2021
Planner/Scheduler (Level II) 2021-344-HAINC-CF Richland, WA Temp/Contract 08/31/2021
Planner/Scheduler (Level I) 2021-343-HAINC-CF Richland, WA Temp/Contract 08/31/2021
Safety Basis Analyst 4 2021-275-HAINC-CF Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 07/22/2021
QA Engineers 3 & 4 2021-273-HAINC-CF Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 07/22/2021
QA Analysts 3 & 4 2021-272-HAINC-CF Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 07/22/2021
Project Controls 3 & 4 2021-270-HAINC-CF Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 07/22/2021
Principal Criticality Safety Engineer 2021-022-HAINC-CI Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/25/2021
Fire Protection Engineer 2020-333-HAINC-CI Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 08/26/2020
Fellow IVR Nuclear Safety Engineer 2020-316-HAINC-CI Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 08/19/2020
Sr. Fellow Nuclear Safety Engineer 2020-314-HAINC-CI Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 08/19/2020
Fellow Criticality Safety Engineer 2020-312-HAINC-CI Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 08/19/2020
Sr. Fellow Criticality Safety Engineer 2020-311-HAINC-CI Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 08/19/2020
SRNS Technical Support Services 2019-056-HAINC-BD Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 02/13/2019
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