Job Title Location Job Type Date Posted
Facility Management Support & SME 2022-567-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract to Direct 09/29/2022
Fire Protection Engineer 2022-566-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 09/29/2022
Sub-Contracts Specialist 2022-565-HASLLC-CF Piketon, OH Temp/Contract 09/29/2022
Civil Engineer 2022-563-HAINC-CF Greenville, SC Temp/Contract 09/29/2022
Building Management System Engineer 2022-562-HAINC-CF Greenville, SC Temp/Contract 09/29/2022
Architect 2022-561-HAINC-CF Greenville, SC Temp/Contract 09/29/2022
Principal Project Controls Scheduler 2022-557-HAINC-CF Greenville, SC Temp/Contract 09/27/2022
Fire Alarm and Detection Engineer 2022-559-HAINC-CF Greenville, SC Temp/Contract 09/27/2022
I&C Design Engineer 2022-560-HAINC-CF Greenville, SC Temp/Contract 09/27/2022
Construction Supervisor I 2022-558-HASLLC-CF Piketon, OH Temp/Contract 09/27/2022
Mechanical/Process Engineer 2022-400-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract to Direct 09/27/2022
Stress Analysts 2022-553b-HAINC-BD Lynchburg, VA Temp/Contract 09/21/2022
Mechanical Equipment Designers 2022-553a-HAINC-BD Lynchburg, VA Temp/Contract 09/21/2022
Labor Relations (LR) Generalists I/II 2022-285-HASLLC-CF Piketon, OH Temp/Contract 09/20/2022
CAD Designer 2022-548a-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 09/19/2022
Mechanical Engineer (Fabrication) 2022-548b-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 09/19/2022
Technical Writer 2022-543-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/19/2022
System Design Instrumentation & Controls Engineers 2022-542-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/19/2022
Solidworks Designer Drafter (Reactor Systems) 2022-541-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/19/2022
Senior Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) Engineer 2022-540-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/19/2022
Safety Analysis Engineer 2022-539-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/19/2022
Reactor Structural Analysis Engineers 2022-538-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/19/2022
Project Specialists, Procurement 2022-537-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/19/2022
Mechanical System Design Engineers 2022-536-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/19/2022
Mechanical Design Engineer 2022-535-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/19/2022
Mechanical Codes and Methods Engineers 2022-534-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/19/2022
Materials Engineers (Data Management) 2022-533-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/19/2022
Engineering Coordinator 2022-532-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/17/2022
Design Control Process Engineers 2022-531-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/17/2022
Project Controls Specialists/Schedulers 2022-512-HAINC-BD Remote Temp/Contract 09/08/2022
Electrical - I&C Engineer II 2022-497-HAINC-BD Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 08/30/2022
Sr. Electrical Engineer 2022-496-HAINC-BD Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 08/30/2022
Electrical Engineer II 2022-495-HAINC-BD Greenwood Village, CO Temp/Contract 08/30/2022
Mechanical System Design Engineer 2022-494-HAINC-BD Lynchburg, VA Temp/Contract 08/29/2022
Nuclear Safety Engineers 2022-487-HAINC-BD Amarillo, TX Temp/Contract 08/24/2022
System Engineers 2022-482-HAINC-BD Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 08/24/2022
QA Engineers 4 2022-457-HAINC-CF Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 08/09/2022
Project Managers 4 (STI-Program Manager 4) 2022-456-HAINC-CF Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 08/09/2022
Subject Matter Expert 2 (STI-SME 3) 2022-446-HAINC-CF Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 08/04/2022
Emergency Preparedness Hazard Assessment (EPHA) 2022-442-HAINC-CF Eunice, NM Temp/Contract 08/03/2022
Project Controls 4 2022-420-HAINC-CF Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 07/25/2022
Work Control Planners 3 2022-093-HAINC-CF Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 07/25/2022
Mechanical/Project Engineers 2022-412-HAINC-CI Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 07/20/2022
Mechanical/Nuclear Engineer 2022-390-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 07/11/2022
Fire Protection Engineer (FHA) 2022-373-HSPS-CI Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 06/29/2022
UI Designer 2022-356c-HAINC-CI Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 06/22/2022
Java Developers 2022-356b-HAINC-CI Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 06/22/2022
C# Developers 2022-356a-HAINC-CI Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 06/22/2022
Engineers & Designers 2022-269-HAINC-BD Greenwood Village, Los Alamos, Oak Ridge, & Aiken Temp/Contract 05/11/2022
Project Managers (New reactors-concept to operations) 2022-175b-HAINC-BD Idaho Falls, ID Temp/Contract 04/04/2022
Licensed Professional Engineer 2022-084-HAINC-BD Idaho Falls, ID Temp/Contract 02/03/2022
Senior Electrical Engineer 2022-033-HAINC-BD Idaho Falls, ID Temp/Contract 01/14/2022
Nuclear Technical Support 2022-001-HAINC-BD United States Temp/Contract 01/01/2022
Planner/Scheduler (Level III) 2021-345-HAINC-CF Richland, WA Temp/Contract 08/31/2021
Planner/Scheduler (Level II) 2021-344-HAINC-CF Richland, WA Temp/Contract 08/31/2021
SRNS Technical Support Services 2019-056-HAINC-BD Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 02/13/2019
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