Job Title Location Job Type Date Posted
Fellow Engineer/Structural Analysts 2024-221-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 05/29/2024
Work Control Planners 2024-111-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 05/29/2024
Code Validation Experiment Design and Scaling Analysis Consultant 2024-220-HAINC-CF Bellevue, WA, USA or Remote Temp/Contract 05/29/2024
I&C Engineer 2024-218-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 05/28/2024
ConOps Advisor 2024-217-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 05/28/2024
Licensed Operator Initial Simulator Operator/Instructor 2024-131-HAINC-CF Waynesboro, GA Temp/Contract 05/28/2024
Project Support Technician Sr. 2024-215-HASLLC-CF Piketon, OH Temp/Contract 05/23/2024
SEO Writer-Communications Specialist 3 2024-214-HAINC-CF Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 05/23/2024
Construction Technician III 2024-213-HASLLC-CF Piketon, OH Temp/Contract 05/23/2024
Project Interface Engineers (CommSec, Electrical, General, HVAC, Piping/Plumbing, Process/Mechanical, & Structural) 2024-198a-HAINC-CF Greenville, SC Temp/Contract 05/21/2024
Project Interface Engineers and Manager - HFTOC 2024-198b-HAINC-CF Greenville, SC Temp/Contract 05/21/2024
I&C Engineer/2D Designer 2024-161-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 05/16/2024
Cyber Security I 2024-200a-HAINC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 05/15/2024
Cyber Security II 2024-200b-HAINC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 05/15/2024
Cyber Security III 2024-200c-HAINC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 05/15/2024
Cyber Security SME 2024-200d-HAINC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 05/15/2024
Project Engineer 2024-197-HAINC-CF Greenville, SC Temp/Contract 05/13/2024
Mechanical Engineer (STS) 2024-186-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 05/02/2024
Mechanical Designers (STS) 2024-185-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 05/02/2024
USQ Safety Analyst 2024-184-HAINC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 05/02/2024
Software Developer 4 2024-169-HAINC-CF Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 04/29/2024
3D-PDS Plant Designer 2024-167-HAINC-CF Temp/Contract 04/25/2024
Project Manager 2024-162-HAINC-CF Temp/Contract 04/22/2024
Senior Designer (Civil) 2024-157-HAINC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 04/15/2024
Industrial Hygiene & Safety Professional 4 2024-152-HAINC-CF Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 04/10/2024
Mechanical Engineer (STS) 2024-146-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 04/08/2024
Electrical Engineer 2024-134d-HAINC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 03/28/2024
Mechnical Engineer 2024-134c-HAINC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 03/28/2024
Jr. CAD Designer (ITER) 2024-130-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 03/26/2024
I&C Admin Engineer 2024-083-HAINC-CF Greenville, SC Temp/Contract 02/22/2024
Emergency Communications Engineer 2024-082-HAINC-CF Greenville, SC Temp/Contract 02/22/2024
Mechanical Designers (STS) 2024-071b-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 02/15/2024
Senior Mechanical Designer (MPEX) 2024-064-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 02/12/2024
Nuclear Mechanical Engineer (HFIR) 2024-045b-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 01/31/2024
CAD Designer (HFIR) 2024-045a-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 01/31/2024
System Engineer (ITER) 2024-041-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 01/29/2024
Nuclear Safety Support 2024-027-HAINC-BD United States Temp/Contract 01/22/2024
Nuclear Technical Support 2024-001-HAINC-BD United States Temp/Contract 01/02/2024
3D-PDS Plant Designer 2023-632-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 12/20/2023
Senior Fire Protection Engineer 2023-402-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 10/31/2023
I&C Designers 2023-522-HAINC-CF Houston, TX Temp/Contract 10/03/2023
Structural Engineer (HFIR) 2023-362b-HAINC-CF Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 06/14/2023
I&C Engineer 2022-746-HAINC-CF Houston, TX Temp/Contract 05/01/2023
Structural Engineers 2022-574-HAINC-CF Remote Temp/Contract 09/30/2022
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