Job Title Location Job Type Date Posted
Structural Analyst 2019-105-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 03/18/2019
Dispersion SME 2019-104-HAINC-BD Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 03/18/2019
Project Controls Engineer III 2019-102-HAINC-CF Temp/Contract 03/15/2019
Electrical Work Planner 2019-099-HAINC-PB Richland, WA Temp/Contract 03/11/2019
Technical Specialist II (NMM) 2019-067-HAINC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 02/21/2019
Waste Characterization 2019-066a-HAINC-BD Paducah, KY Temp/Contract 02/20/2019
Mechanical Engineer-Thermal Hydraulic Analysis 2019-059-HAINC-CF Corvallis, OR Temp/Contract 02/13/2019
Mechanical Engineer-NNSS Stress Analysis 2019-058-HAINC-CF Corvallis, OR Temp/Contract 02/13/2019
SRNS Technical Support Services 2019-056-HAINC-BD Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 02/13/2019
Senior Engineering Training Professional 2019-045-HAINC-CF Aiken, SC Temp/Contract 01/31/2019
Criticality Engineer 2019-007-HAINC-CI Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 01/08/2019
Technical Procedure Writer 2019-004b-HAINC-CF Richland, WA Temp/Contract 01/07/2019
Procedure Writer 2019-004a-HAINC-CF Richland, WA Temp/Contract 01/07/2019
Nuclear Technical Support 2019-001-HAINC-BD United States Temp/Contract 12/31/2018
Expeditor 2018-475-HAINC-CF Richland, WA Temp/Contract 12/29/2018
Procurement Specialist 2018-474-HAINC-CF Richland, WA Temp/Contract 12/29/2018
Procurement Subcontract Administrator 2018-473-HAINC-CF Richland, WA Temp/Contract 12/29/2018
Mechanical Engineer III 2018-436b-HAINC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 12/06/2018
Electrical Engineer III 2018-436a-HAINC-CF Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 12/04/2018
Readiness Support Resources (Pantex and Y-12 UPF Start-up) 2018-367-HAINC-BD Amarillo TX and Oak Ridge, TN Temp/Contract 10/18/2018
DSA and USQ Support 2018-355-HAINC-BD Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 10/10/2018
Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist 2018-351-HAINC-CI Las Vegas, NV Temp/Contract 10/05/2018
Work Planners 2018-103c-HAINC-BD Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 04/04/2018
Work Control Specialists 2018-103b-HAINC-BD Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 04/04/2018
Project Controls Specialists 2018-103a-HAINC-BD Los Alamos, NM Temp/Contract 04/04/2018
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